Leosac  0.8.0
Open Source Access Control
WiegandConfig.hpp File Reference
#include "hardware/Buzzer.hpp"
#include "hardware/GPIO.hpp"
#include "hardware/HardwareFwd.hpp"
#include "hardware/LED.hpp"
#include "hardware/RFIDReader.hpp"
#include "modules/wiegand/WiegandFwd.hpp"
#include "tools/db/database.hpp"
#include <chrono>
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struct  Leosac::Module::Wiegand::WiegandReaderConfig
 An instance of this class represents the configuration of one Wiegand reader. More...
class  Leosac::Module::Wiegand::WiegandConfig
 Transient configuration object that stores the list of reader use/configure. More...


 This is the header file for a generated source file, GitSHA1.cpp.
 All modules that provides features to Leosac shall be in this namespace.
 Provide support for Wiegand devices.



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