Leosac  0.8.0
Open Source Access Control
LogEntry.cpp File Reference
#include "LogEntry.hpp"
#include "exception/leosacexception.hpp"
#include "tools/LogEntry_odb.h"
#include "tools/LogEntry_odb_pgsql.h"
#include "tools/LogEntry_odb_sqlite.h"
#include "tools/db/database.hpp"
#include <odb/pgsql/database.hxx>
#include <odb/sqlite/database.hxx>
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using Query = odb::query< Tools::LogEntry >
using Result = odb::result< Tools::LogEntry >

Typedef Documentation

◆ Query

using Query = odb::query<Tools::LogEntry>

Definition at line 36 of file LogEntry.cpp.

◆ Result

using Result = odb::result<Tools::LogEntry>

Definition at line 37 of file LogEntry.cpp.