Leosac  0.8.0
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class  Leosac::Test::AuthFileMapperTest
 Test the mapping of wiegand-card to user from a file. More...


 This is the header file for a generated source file, GitSHA1.cpp.
 Unit test live in this namespace.


 Leosac::Test::TEST_F (AuthFileMapperTest, SimpleMapping)
 Successful mapping. More...
 Leosac::Test::TEST_F (AuthFileMapperTest, TimeFrameMapping)
 Test that time frame for access a properly loaded and that the AccessProfile is coherent with the configuration file. More...
 Leosac::Test::TEST_F (AuthFileMapperTest, TimeFrameMapping2)
 Test time frame with default_schedule param. More...
 Leosac::Test::TEST_F (AuthFileMapperTest, NotFoundMapping)
 Card ID doesn't exist in the file. More...
 Leosac::Test::TEST_F (AuthFileMapperTest, InvalidFile)
 File is not accessible. More...
 Leosac::Test::TEST_F (AuthFileMapperTest, InvalidFileContent)
 AuthFile-2.xml has invalid content. More...
 Leosac::Test::TEST_F (AuthFileMapperTest, TestGroupMapping)
 Leosac::Test::TEST_F (AuthFileMapperTest, TestMultiGroupMapping)
 Leosac::Test::TEST_F (AuthFileMapperTest, TestGroupPermission)
 Test that group permission applies to user. More...
 Leosac::Test::TEST_F (AuthFileMapperTest, TestMultiGroupPermission)
 Tests that permissions from multiple groups are added together. More...
 Leosac::Test::TEST_F (AuthFileMapperTest, TestGroupAndUserPermission)
 Tests that single-user permission and group permission works well together. More...
 Leosac::Test::TEST_F (AuthFileMapperTest, UnkownCardId)
 Leosac::Test::TEST_F (AuthFileMapperTest, TestWiegandCardAndPin)
 Leosac::Test::TEST_F (AuthFileMapperTest, TestUserValidityLimit)
 Leosac::Test::TEST_F (AuthFileMapperTest, TestCredentialsValidityLimit)
 Leosac::Test::TEST_F (AuthFileMapperTest, TestCredentialSchedule)
 Leosac::Test::TEST_F (AuthFileMapperTest, TestReservedUserID)
 UserID UNKNOWN_USER is reserved to prevent confusion in the log file. More...
int main (int argc, char **argv)

Detailed Description

This file contains unit test suite related to the AuthFile module.


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int main ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

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