Leosac  0.8.0
Open Source Access Control
Leosac::Module::Wiegand::Strategy Namespace Reference


class  Autodetect
 Variable strategy that tries to autodetect what it reads. More...
class  CardReading
 Interface for a strategy that read a card number. More...
class  PinReading
 Interface for a strategy that read a PIN code. More...
class  SimpleWiegandStrategy
 Implementation of a wiegand card only strategy. More...
class  WiegandCardAndPin
 Strategy for reading a card then a PIN code. More...
class  WiegandPinBuffered
 Strategy for PIN only, when up to 5 keys are buffered and sent as 26 bits. More...
class  WiegandPinNBitsOnly
 Strategy for ready PIN only. More...
class  WiegandStrategy
 The multiple modes available to wiegand reader are implemented through the strategy pattern. More...


using CardReadingUPtr = std::unique_ptr< CardReading >
using PinReadingUPtr = std::unique_ptr< PinReading >
using SimpleWiegandStrategyUPtr = std::unique_ptr< SimpleWiegandStrategy >
using WiegandStrategyUPtr = std::unique_ptr< WiegandStrategy >

Typedef Documentation

◆ CardReadingUPtr

Definition at line 34 of file CardReading.hpp.

◆ PinReadingUPtr

Definition at line 33 of file StrategiesFwd.hpp.

◆ SimpleWiegandStrategyUPtr

◆ WiegandStrategyUPtr

Definition at line 38 of file WiegandStrategy.hpp.