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Leosac::Tools::SingleTimeFrame Struct Reference

This struct abstracts what we call a single time frame. More...

#include <SingleTimeFrame.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 SingleTimeFrame (int d, int sh, int sm, int eh, int em)
 Construct a SingleTimeFrame. More...
 SingleTimeFrame ()
 SingleTimeFrame (const SingleTimeFrame &)=default
bool operator== (const SingleTimeFrame &o) const
bool operator< (const SingleTimeFrame &o) const
bool is_in_timeframe (const std::chrono::system_clock::time_point &tp) const
 Is the given timepoint in the time frame ? More...

Public Attributes

int day
int start_hour
int start_min
int end_hour
int end_min

Detailed Description

This struct abstracts what we call a single time frame.

A single time frame represents a time slice in a single given day. It's comprised of:

  • A day of the week
  • A start hour/minute
  • An end hour/minute

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SingleTimeFrame() [1/3]

Leosac::Tools::SingleTimeFrame::SingleTimeFrame ( int  d,
int  sh,
int  sm,
int  eh,
int  em 

Construct a SingleTimeFrame.

dThe day of the week, starts at 0 for monday.
shThe starting hour.
smThe starting minute.
ehThe ending hour.
emThe ending minute.

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◆ SingleTimeFrame() [2/3]

Leosac::Tools::SingleTimeFrame::SingleTimeFrame ( )

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◆ SingleTimeFrame() [3/3]

Leosac::Tools::SingleTimeFrame::SingleTimeFrame ( const SingleTimeFrame )

Member Function Documentation

◆ is_in_timeframe()

bool Leosac::Tools::SingleTimeFrame::is_in_timeframe ( const std::chrono::system_clock::time_point &  tp) const

Is the given timepoint in the time frame ?

Definition at line 46 of file SingleTimeFrame.cpp.

◆ operator<()

bool Leosac::Tools::SingleTimeFrame::operator< ( const SingleTimeFrame o) const

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◆ operator==()

bool Leosac::Tools::SingleTimeFrame::operator== ( const SingleTimeFrame o) const

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Member Data Documentation

◆ day

int Leosac::Tools::SingleTimeFrame::day

Definition at line 59 of file SingleTimeFrame.hpp.

◆ end_hour

int Leosac::Tools::SingleTimeFrame::end_hour

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◆ end_min

int Leosac::Tools::SingleTimeFrame::end_min

Definition at line 63 of file SingleTimeFrame.hpp.

◆ start_hour

int Leosac::Tools::SingleTimeFrame::start_hour

Definition at line 60 of file SingleTimeFrame.hpp.

◆ start_min

int Leosac::Tools::SingleTimeFrame::start_min

Definition at line 61 of file SingleTimeFrame.hpp.

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