Leosac  0.8.0
Open Source Access Control
Leosac::Tasks Namespace Reference


class  FetchRemoteConfig
 Fetch the configuration from master server. More...
class  GenericTask
 This task type is used whenever a lambda is passed to the scheduler. More...
class  GetLocalConfigVersion
 Run in the main thread and retrieve the current configuration version. More...
class  GetRemoteConfigVersion
 Fetch the configuration version of the master server. More...
class  RemoteControlAsyncResponse
 This task represent an asynchronous response that shall be sent over the Remote Control router socket. More...
class  SyncConfig
 Sync the configuration using the configuration fetched from the master server. More...
class  Task
 A base class for a tasks. More...


using TaskPtr = std::shared_ptr< Task >
using SyncConfigPtr = std::shared_ptr< SyncConfig >
using FetchRemoteConfigPtr = std::shared_ptr< FetchRemoteConfig >

Typedef Documentation

◆ FetchRemoteConfigPtr

using Leosac::Tasks::FetchRemoteConfigPtr = typedef std::shared_ptr<FetchRemoteConfig>

Definition at line 51 of file LeosacFwd.hpp.

◆ SyncConfigPtr

using Leosac::Tasks::SyncConfigPtr = typedef std::shared_ptr<SyncConfig>

Definition at line 48 of file LeosacFwd.hpp.

◆ TaskPtr

using Leosac::Tasks::TaskPtr = typedef std::shared_ptr<Task>

Definition at line 45 of file LeosacFwd.hpp.