Leosac  0.8.0
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Leosac::CoreUtils Class Reference

This class is part of Leosac::Kernel, but it only exposes thread-safe functionalities that may be used by every modules. More...

#include <CoreUtils.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 CoreUtils ()
 CoreUtils (Kernel *kptr, SchedulerPtr sched, ConfigCheckerPtr cfgcheck, bool strict_mode)
 CoreUtils (const CoreUtils &)=delete
 CoreUtils (CoreUtils &&)=delete
CoreUtilsoperator= (const CoreUtils &)=delete
CoreUtilsoperator= (CoreUtils &&)=delete
virtual ~CoreUtils ()
zmqpp::context & zmqpp_context ()
Schedulerscheduler ()
ConfigCheckerconfig_checker ()
Kernelkernel ()
DBPtr database ()
ServiceRegistryservice_registry ()
CoreAPI core_api ()
 Instantiate a new, ready to use, CoreAPI object. More...
bool is_strict () const
 Are we running in strict mode ? More...

Private Attributes

SchedulerPtr scheduler_
ConfigCheckerPtr config_checker_
bool strict_mode_


class Kernel
 Gives the Kernel class full control. More...

Detailed Description

This class is part of Leosac::Kernel, but it only exposes thread-safe functionalities that may be used by every modules.

It currently exposes the scheduler and the configuration checker object along with some command line parameter value and the zeroMQ context object.

A pointer to this object is passed to modules when they are created.

Definition at line 43 of file CoreUtils.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CoreUtils() [1/4]

Leosac::CoreUtils::CoreUtils ( )

Definition at line 34 of file CoreUtils.cpp.

◆ CoreUtils() [2/4]

Leosac::CoreUtils::CoreUtils ( Leosac::Kernel kptr,
Leosac::SchedulerPtr  sched,
Leosac::ConfigCheckerPtr  cfgcheck,
bool  strict_mode 

Definition at line 25 of file CoreUtils.cpp.

◆ CoreUtils() [3/4]

Leosac::CoreUtils::CoreUtils ( const CoreUtils )

◆ CoreUtils() [4/4]

Leosac::CoreUtils::CoreUtils ( CoreUtils &&  )

◆ ~CoreUtils()

virtual Leosac::CoreUtils::~CoreUtils ( )

Definition at line 54 of file CoreUtils.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ config_checker()

Leosac::ConfigChecker & Leosac::CoreUtils::config_checker ( )

Definition at line 46 of file CoreUtils.cpp.

◆ core_api()

Leosac::CoreAPI Leosac::CoreUtils::core_api ( )

Instantiate a new, ready to use, CoreAPI object.

Definition at line 68 of file CoreUtils.cpp.

◆ database()

Leosac::DBPtr Leosac::CoreUtils::database ( )

Definition at line 52 of file CoreUtils.cpp.

◆ is_strict()

bool Leosac::CoreUtils::is_strict ( ) const

Are we running in strict mode ?

Definition at line 57 of file CoreUtils.cpp.

◆ kernel()

Leosac::Kernel & Leosac::CoreUtils::kernel ( )

Definition at line 62 of file CoreUtils.cpp.

◆ operator=() [1/2]

CoreUtils& Leosac::CoreUtils::operator= ( const CoreUtils )

◆ operator=() [2/2]

CoreUtils& Leosac::CoreUtils::operator= ( CoreUtils &&  )

◆ scheduler()

Leosac::Scheduler & Leosac::CoreUtils::scheduler ( )

Definition at line 40 of file CoreUtils.cpp.

◆ service_registry()

Leosac::ServiceRegistry & Leosac::CoreUtils::service_registry ( )

Definition at line 78 of file CoreUtils.cpp.

◆ zmqpp_context()

zmqpp::context & Leosac::CoreUtils::zmqpp_context ( )

Definition at line 73 of file CoreUtils.cpp.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ Kernel

friend class Kernel

Gives the Kernel class full control.

Definition at line 84 of file CoreUtils.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ config_checker_

ConfigCheckerPtr Leosac::CoreUtils::config_checker_

Definition at line 78 of file CoreUtils.hpp.

◆ kptr_

Kernel* Leosac::CoreUtils::kptr_

Definition at line 76 of file CoreUtils.hpp.

◆ scheduler_

SchedulerPtr Leosac::CoreUtils::scheduler_

Definition at line 77 of file CoreUtils.hpp.

◆ strict_mode_

bool Leosac::CoreUtils::strict_mode_

Definition at line 79 of file CoreUtils.hpp.

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