Leosac  0.7.0
Leosac::Module::SMTP Namespace Reference


class  SMTPAudit
 Keeps track of SMTP event. More...
struct  SMTPAuditSerializer
class  SMTPConfig
 Wrapper around the SMTP module configuration. More...
class  SMTPModule
struct  SMTPServerInfo
struct  SMTPServerInfoJSONSerializer
struct  SMTPServerInfoJSONStringSerializer
class  SMTPServiceImpl


using SMTPConfigPtr = std::shared_ptr< SMTPConfig >
using SMTPConfigUPtr = std::unique_ptr< SMTPConfig >
using SMTPConfigId = unsigned long
using SMTPAuditPtr = std::shared_ptr< SMTPAudit >
using json = nlohmann::json

Typedef Documentation

◆ json

typedef nlohmann::json Leosac::Module::SMTP::json

Definition at line 41 of file SMTPModule.hpp.

◆ SMTPAuditPtr

using Leosac::Module::SMTP::SMTPAuditPtr = typedef std::shared_ptr<SMTPAudit>

Definition at line 40 of file SMTPFwd.hpp.

◆ SMTPConfigId

using Leosac::Module::SMTP::SMTPConfigId = typedef unsigned long

Definition at line 35 of file SMTPFwd.hpp.

◆ SMTPConfigPtr

using Leosac::Module::SMTP::SMTPConfigPtr = typedef std::shared_ptr<SMTPConfig>

Definition at line 33 of file SMTPFwd.hpp.

◆ SMTPConfigUPtr

using Leosac::Module::SMTP::SMTPConfigUPtr = typedef std::unique_ptr<SMTPConfig>

Definition at line 34 of file SMTPFwd.hpp.