Leosac  0.8.0
Open Source Access Control
Module: Monitor

Monitor Module Documentation


Documentation of the (activity) monitor module.

Configuration Options

Below are the configuration options available. Note that this module require that some FGPIO device be available and configured as it needs them to control the Led device.

Options Options Description Mandatory
file-bus Where we write event from the application bus NO
verbose Be verbose and write to stdout everything we log NO
ping Configure network testing NO
—> ip An ip address to ping to check network connectivity YES
—> led Name of led that represents status of network YES
reader Feedback for reader activity NO
—> name Name of the reader object to watch YES
—> led Led to turn ON when we detect reader activity YES
system_ok A led to turn ON when the system is ready NO


  • file-bus: If not set (or empty) we ignore the system bus.
  • verbose: default to false.
  • system_ok: this led should have false has its default value, otherwise it doesn't make sense as it will stay on, always.