Leosac  0.8.0
Open Source Access Control
Module: TCP Notifier

A module that can notify, over TCP, remote server of local events.

TCP Notifier


This modules listen to configurable authentication sources and forward the authentication credentials to some configured tcp-server.

Currently, only auth source event of type Leosac::Auth::SourceType::SIMPLE_WIEGAND are handled, all the other are simply ignored.

The TCP-Notifier module is flexible. It can spawn multiple instance of notifier.

This allows the module to act as a client to some servers using some protocol P1, to some other servers using protocol P2 and be itself a server for clients using protocol P3.

Protocols are built into this module.

Protocol Specifications

Protocol 0

This protocol is a simple as possible. It consists of fixed-size packet, and there is only 1 packet type.

The size of a packet is 8 bytes: those are the card's serial number. They are sent in Network Byte Order (big endian). They honor the format: this means that if the card is read as Wiegand 26, the 16 bits card number will be extracted from those 26 bits.

In C, the corresponding type would be uint64_t.

Configuration Options

Options Options Options Description Mandatory
instance Multiple instance can coexist. Defines one. NO
—> sources Multiples message source (wiegand reader) NO
—> —> source Name of one reader to watch for event YES
—> connect Remote client to connect to. NO
—> —> endpoint Endpoint to connect to. Can be given multiple time. NO
—> bind URLs to bind to. NO
—> —> endpoint Endpoint to bind to. Can be given multiple time. NO
—> protocol ID of the protocol to use. See below. YES
The endpoint shall have the form IP:PORT.




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