Leosac  0.8.0
Open Source Access Control
Module: Led-Buzzer

Led Module Documentation


Welcome to the main documentation page for the LedBuzzer module. This page is about using and configuring the Led module from an end-user point of view. It also support some buzzer (like the one attached to some reader) because they work in the exact same way.

Currently this module is the backend for FLED and FBuzzer object.

Configuration Options

Below are the configuration options available. Note that this module require that some FGPIO device be available and configured as it needs them to control the Led device.

Options Options Options Description Mandatory
leds List of configured Led devices NO
—> led Configure of one particular led device NO
—> —> name Chosen name for this led device YES
—> —> gpio Name of the underlying GPIO used by the Led YES
—> —> default_blink_duration Time to blink (ms )if no explicit duration is specified YES
—> —> default_blink_speed Blink speed (in ms) if no speed is specified YES

You can use buzzers and buzzer instead of leds and led, or you can use all four if you want.


This is a example of led possible configuration for Led module into Leosac.
This assume that a my_gpio_1 and my_gpio_2 gpios devices are configured.



If you want to implement a module that supports Led device, see FLED for description of commands that shall be supported by your module.