Leosac  0.8.0
Open Source Access Control
Module: Web Service Notifier

A webservice client that will notify webservices of local events.

Web Service Notifier


This modules listen to configurable authentication sources and forward the authentication credentials to some configured web-services.

Currently, only auth source event of type Leosac::Auth::SourceType::SIMPLE_WIEGAND are handled, all the other are simply ignored.

The card information is sent in an HTTP POST request.

The POST field is card_id and represents the card id, in decimal.

Configuration Options

Options Options Options Description Mandatory
want_ssl Do we enable the SSL engine ? NO (defaults to true)
sources Multiples message source (wiegand reader) NO
—> source Name of one reader to watch for event YES
targets Remote webservice to send information to NO
—> target Describe a webservice server target. NO
—> —> url A complete URL that will be used as the request's destination. YES
—> —> connect_timeout The timeout (in milliseconds) for the connection phase. See CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT_MS for more information NO
—> —> request_timeout The timeout for the request, in milliseconds. See CURLOPT_TIMEOUT_MS. NO
—> -—> ca_file Path to a PEM encoded CA file used to validate certificate. NO
—> —> verify_host If SSL is enabled, do we verify the host name in the SSL certificate ? NO (defaults to true)
—> —> verify_peer If SSL is enabled, do we verify the SSL certificate ? NO (defaults to true)
The connect_timeout and request_timeout defaults to 7000 milliseconds.
want_ssl defaults to true, meaning you'll be able to contact webservice over HTTPS. You can prevent the module from loading the SSL engine by setting this to false.




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