Leosac  0.8.0
Open Source Access Control
Module: Test And Reset

TestAndReset Module Documentation


The TestAndReset module allows end user to have visual and/or audio feedback when presenting a test card. It also allow the user to reset Leosac configuration to its factory default.

This module is only able to watch module that sends SIMPLE_WIEGAND as auth-source data format.

Configuration Options

This is a module that watch input device and check for preconfigured reset/restart card.

Options Options Options Description Mandatory
test_buzzer Device (beeper) to control when test card is read NO
test_led Device (led) to control when test card is read NO
run_on_start Should we beep/blink when the module starts ? NO (defaults to true)
promisc Listen to all event to watch for reset card. NO (defaults to false)
reset_card Wiegand ID of reset card. Only useful if promisc is true. YES if promisc is true.
devices List of devices to watch for NO
—> device Watch for event sent by this device YES
—> —> name Name of the device YES
—> —> reset_card Content / number of the card NO
—> —> test_card Id of the card that trigger test led/beep stuff NO

About promisc mode: It will listen to everything on the message bus to try and detect the reset card. This comes at a little performance cost because we watch way more message than needed. However, this has the advantage of working without specifying a source device, which may be helpful when synchronizing configuration.


This is a example of a possible configuration for the TEST_AND_RESET module: